Hey there! I'm Courtney!

I'm so glad you chose to stop by! Since we're going to be best friends very shortly, its best you get to know the person behind the blog!

I'm an avid picture taker. I'm slowly learning how to become a better photographer little by little. But lets be real for a sec, most pics you see on this blog are from my phone since it's the fastest way to capture moments! I love music. My life revolves around it. I'm a wife and mommy. I started this blog to document mine and my husbands story. Hence the name "Our Story" was born. Because our story is still continuing! But mostly this blog stars my adorable little girls! Madeline is the oldest, and Hailey is the younger one. Madeline is so silly, she loves to sing and dance and would spend all day swimming and going down slides. Hailey loves to be where I am, and to be held.  I try to be as real on here as I can since I want people to see our lives aren't perfect and I try to show the little moments in our lives!

I also suffer from anxiety and depression but decided to make my own blog about that called Choosing to Live. You can visit me there and read about my journey trying to over come my mental illnesses.

So pull up a chair and stay awhile! :)

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