Friday, August 4, 2017

July Wrap up

July was jammed packed with things! July was a blast! I'm so sad to see Summer come to a close. :( 

We went to the cabin!

Fourth of July shenanigans, we went to the parade, went up to cascade springs (we usually do that) then had a bbq! And we also went to the Revolutionary day thing up by scera park

We went bowling, Madeline had so much fun! But she also had way more fun just catching the balls.

We went to parks and played! 

We went up Payson canyon to the grotto! It was so cool! 

We went to PG Ponds 

We went to the splash pad a few times!

We went to Dripping Rock in Spanish Fork

My parents bought a hammock, so we've spent a lot of time out there. 

Then we wrapped up June by going to Deer Creek with Zack's extended family!

Not pictured: We went to the 24th of July parade in Spanish Fork. Drives up the canyon. Making cookies, playing with cousins and friends. all the time spent with family! 

July you were so good to us! 

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