Friday, July 21, 2017


When you think of the word father you probably think of your own dad. You make a list of all the reasons why your dad is better than any other dad out there. But sometimes, I feel that dad's don't get the recognition they deserve.

You see, I could not even imagine raising our two girls without Zack. No seriously. When he gets home from work, our little girls run and scream "daddy!" and give him a big hug. He gets down and plays with them. He shows our girls exactly how a man should treat a woman.

You see, I believe society spends so much time thinking about mothers, that we forget just how important dad's are. Yes, they may not have gone through 9 months of carrying the child, or pushing the baby out your whoo ha and in turn ruining your figure.

But they are the ones that rub your sore feet, who hold your hand through labor. They are the ones that listen to you cry about how much it hurts. They watch over you, your children. They give you breaks, they make late night runs for medication. They tell you not to sell the children on Ebay. (Just kidding about that one... sorta)

Zack is my partner. Each of us bring something to our children's life the other couldn't give them. Our children love Zack. Madeline goes to Zack when she gets scared at nights now. He's the one that puts her to bed most nights. He sometimes gives the girls a bath (depending if he's home in time or not)

Zack is the one who sacrifices sleep at night, he's the one who will go without so we can have more. He's the one who I look to when I need help. I count on him to help make decisions about our children. I keep him informed throughout the day. I tell him about doctors appointments, about dance classes, nursery. 

Fathers are so important. Your children need their father in their life. You can never substitute them. I get so frustrated when I see women bad mouth the father of their children. They make the kids feel bad for loving their dad. The thing is, maybe things didn't work out with you. But your children will love them through their faults. Just like your children love you after you make mistakes. 

 Zack is irreplaceable! I feel it's about time we recognize just how important fathers are in our lives! 

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