Friday, June 16, 2017

Oh daddio a day all about YOU!

Oh dad... I thought I would make a post all about YOU because I did one for mom on mothers day. I'll keep some of the same questions. But I thought I would mix it up a little bit just for you ;)

Alright, here we go

Describe how you are like your father:

oh man oh man. My mom said this to me once "you may look like me, but you act just like your father!" she wasn't implying it in a good way ;) I get my stubbornness from him. I like to joke around and laugh. I like to try new adventures, and tease people in a fun way. I like to fix things, sometimes. I'm not good at it like he is though.

Favorite funny story about us

Remember how I would always lay on the couch on my stomach and for some reason you thought that I was egging you on to spank me, when really I was just laying there minding my own business? Yeah,  I do. And I caught on so whenever you would walk by me I would hurry and flip over so you couldn't spank me? And the one time you were walking into the kitchen and I was watching you, and you had that look in your eye. Like you were up to something, and I KNEW what you were going to do so I turned over so you couldn't. And you just started snickering. Well you went into the kitchen so I knew it was safe and next thing I know, you are FLYING (and when I mean flying I literally mean flying) over the couch to spank me and then tried to crawl away like I wouldn't know what you did.

Sounds I associate with you

I had to put this one on here. So there are a few things. First, why is it always like 6 in the morning on a Saturday? But you would grab a pot and a spoon and start in the kitchen and then make your way down in our rooms banging the spoon on the pot yelling "I stole the pot, I stole the pot" AT 6 IN THE MORNING! ON A SATURDAY! I will never forget that. And then, also at 6 in the morning if you weren't doing the pot thing, you would be vacuuming. And you would come in our room to vacuum and if we dared tried to ignore you, you would take the hose of the vacuum and suction our faces!

If I could throw away anything of my dad's it would be his...
Ratty old work sweatpants. Man I keep telling him he needs new ones, I think he might've gotten new ones, but those old things, and all his old work shirts. There are so many holes in them I don't think they ever do their jobs ;)

How would you describe your dad in the morning?
Um... refer to question about sounds I associate with you. ;) He's so happy and nice in the morning, and he would say, having to deal with stupid people throughout the day is what puts him in the bad mood. I would chalk that up though that he works at the prison and encounters stupid people on the daily, and not because of his children. Although, his children can be equally stupid at times.

How would you describe your dad's taste in music?
Ha. I never know what way that man swings. He loves 90's country music. That's what I grew up on. And then there is 80's pop, and rock. And then we have modern music which he's into modern pop music. Or anything with a good beat. I would say he listens to some really good songs, to some seriously weird stuff. ;)

and last but not least

What do you wish you could tell your father?
Probably you are the best dad in the whole world. We may have butted heads when I was a kid because we are so much alike, but I love our relationship now and wouldn't trade it for anything. I love how we are like 2 pea's in a pod, and that I can ask you anything. If I need anything I know you're there. You make me so proud and I love spending time with you. You and mom are what I aspire to be when I'm an adult. I love you dad! Thanks for you being you!

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