Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nights that make it all worth it

Last night was a bad night. It started going to dinner with my parents and Hailey being a total tornado, chucking food, and then proceeding to dump my entire glass full of water all over me, her, and Madeline. Everyone in the restaurant was laughing... I however, was not. I went home feeling defeated and like the worst mom ever. But the night didn't stop there. Hailey cried the whole way home, cried in the bath tub. And then finally went to sleep. And then Madeline decided it was her turn to cry... Zack got home, I went to bed and cried myself to sleep feeling like a failure.

The day looked like this:


But today was different. My girls listened, my girls were good. They were playing together so good. And I thought to myself "this makes everyday worth it. All the bad days are cancelled out because of this one good day" 

Parenting is hard. It's so freaking hard. If anyone tells you otherwise they are wrong. They say it's hard, but worth it. Why is it hard, well read the story above, but why is it worth it... well let me show you:

If you think parenting is going to be happy all the time and that your "children are never going to act like that." think again. Because children have a mind of their own and they will. But they grace you with those moments, those moments that make you go "oh my gosh I love them so much I could die" They melt your heart, pull at your heart strings. But in return, they also make you want to die of humiliation, pull your hair out, and cause you a heart attack.

My advice live for the moments, because they are worth it.

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