Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hailey is 1!!

Hailey turned 1 on May 2nd. So yeah, I'm slightly behind on this post. But here we go!

How is it my baby is all grown up?!

At 1 years old 14 months old Hailey:
-Still loves her mom, she's attached to me wherever I go.
- Bites. Literally when she is angry at someone or doesn't want someone to touch them she'll bite them. I have no idea how to stop her from this habit.
-Loves to nurse :( Again weaning her isn't going well...
- Loves to play in the sprinklers, or water.
- Loves to sing How Far I'll Go
- Favorite food is Mac and Cheese or whatever I'm eating
- Can say Daddy, mom, papa, AJ (We always yell his name so... of course she picked up on it.
- She loves Lilly (my parents dog) she tries to ride her. Uh...

We seriously love her!

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