Friday, March 24, 2017

Whats going on

You guys I'm totally failing at this whole blogging thing lately.  Seriously. So lets do a brief whats going on in our lives

I started my new job two weeks ago. As of my last blog post I decided to not go back to work, but it just sort of worked out that way. Zack and I work at the same company, Entrata. And we are super stoked.

That first day was pretty bad for everyone, well except me. Poor Hailey cried the whole day, I came home and the house was a mess and everyone was crying and Zack looked like he went through the ringer. I felt so bad. As the week went on it got a little better, and now Hailey doesn't cry when I leave, or get home and she gives me big hugs when I get home and it's the best part of my day now.

Madeline finished up her dance class. I wish we would've been able to do it for another 8 weeks but my work schedule just didn't work out...

Sometimes I feel that life is just passing me by. But I know in a year everything will be different. I got my official graduation date which is next April. But, silly me, decided to go back to school for longer and also get a degree in Paralegal Studies, which it'll only be like a semester longer. So not too bad. I'm excited to finally figure out what exactly I want to do for a career! Finally!

Eventually I'll get better at blogging once training gets over. But follow us on Instagram! To keep up with our lives!!

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