Monday, February 13, 2017


So over a month ago Zack lost his job and we've been working on getting things back to normal ever since. Our new normal is just basically everything is up in the air. I struggle some days with our new reality. Zack is in training so he works from 8-12, for 4 weeks. Thankfully he only has one more week of training, so we won't be living off a part time salary.

Unfortunately we've looked for other jobs for me, and they just aren't working out. So we just feel that it isn't right, right now. Every semester it seems I get money back from school, which we just put in savings so that right now has been saving our butts. So we're okay right now. But we've had to definitely change our lifestyle a bit.

We used to have tons a money a month to eat out and go and do things, and now we don't have any. So we don't eat out unless we have a gift card, or we just go out and find something to do that is free. Which is walk around the neighborhood, or go to a park, or go to the mall and walk around there and let the kids play at the playground there.

I've been coming up with some new recipes that don't cost lots of money and are easy to make so that's a plus! I'm compiling a list of recipes to put on here for other people because I seriously have struck some gold with some of these recipes! So I'll post them soon!

Basically were just trying to stay afloat. Luckily we've stayed on top of our bills which is something to be grateful for. However our car needed a new battery which SUCKS, then it needed a new alternator, and then the engine blew shortly after we were able to replace all of that stuff. So we had to get a new car. So bad, and good news. We found some ways to save money. And again I'll post some tips and tricks to save money that we have found and things we have realized to help prepare for the unexpected. So prepare yourself for a bunch of blog posts!!

School is going well for me. I would be on what you would call the "Honor Roll" This semester started out bad since Zack lost his job when I went back to school, but I made up for it and now have straight a's again. The semester ends next week and I'm so excited for it to be over! Woot woot! I'll be graduating soon! AH!!! I'm excited to finally be done.

Well that's all for now. watch for those blog posts coming your way!

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