Monday, January 9, 2017

Madeline turns 3!!

I can't believe Madeline is 3 years old. It just blows my mind that she is really 3. This girl is so funny with all the funny things she says.

"oh my gosh! You're a cutie!"
"mommy what's your favorite colora" (the way she says it is soo funny!)
"Mommy, baby is trying to eat you!"
"I want cheese eelos, or spagetti Elos!" (mac and cheese, ramen noodles)
"Let's do it!"

Those are just some of the funny things she says.

Her favorite things to watch:
-peppa pig
-pj masks
-angry birds
-monsters inc

Her favorite color is pink of course.

Favorite things to do:
 -Play outside
-go to nursery
-play with friends
-go to a park

We are absolutely enthralled with Madeline and all the funny things she says and does. If you ever get the chance to talk with her, do it! Because you'll end up laughing your head off!

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