Saturday, January 21, 2017

How to cope with Anxiety and Depression; My tips and Tricks

So my whole life I have suffered from severe anxiety. I didn't even know that anxiety was a mental disorder until AFTER I had Madeline. Seriously I thought that it was normal to freak out about little things as much as me. So I'm sort of like a seasoned veteran when it comes to anxiety. My depression I've only been fighting for about 3 years now so I want to see if I can help others with this as well.

Disclaimer** I am not a licensed psychologist, these tips are what have worked for me! But I am not a psychologist.**


Five Rule:
So when having a panic attack I found the 5 rule works really well for me. Something you can touch, smell, taste, hear and see are good ones. Mine is hot chocolate. When I feel a panic attack I just make a cup of hot chocolate, or afterwards and helps me center again. I can drink it slowly and it's warm, and I can taste it, smell, feel it, and see it. It helps me calm down and think "Is this something to be upset about? is this rational?" Most of the time, it's not.

 You have to know what your triggers are. Write what you were doing before your panic attack came on, and keep a record so you can see what your triggers are. Like for example mine is large crowds, and the unknown and traffic. If I don't know what I'm walking into or what the situation is going to be like it really puts me in a panic. I hate it. So find your triggers and try to avoid them if possible.

I find having someone to talk really helps. They can help you calm down and help you realize if your fears are rational or irrational. They can help talk you through it, and you can talk to them, sometimes just talking about something really helps. 
Now lets talk about depression

Get out of bed
You have to. Even if you feel like you can't. You HAVE TO. Get yourself up and get in the shower or just get dressed. That tiny bit will help you feel SO much better. 
Have a buddy
for me knowing I had someone who would sit with me, talk with me, and not let me be alone is really helpful. Being alone really makes my depression worse so go out and be with someone. 

Don't compare yourself
comparing yourself doesn't help you. And it doesn't help anyone else. Right now as I type this I'm wearing sweats with a baby on my lap with my bed made but the rest of the house a mess. Now if I compare myself I can make myself feel really crappy. But just knowing, Hey, I did homework and made my bed today and wrote on my blog that is a lot! Goes a long way. And I'm going to make dinner tonight so that's a plus!! 

Task lists:
Seeing a phsyical list of things I have to do really helps me. I can see what I need to do and then cross it off when I accomplish it. Even if it is brush my teeth, get in the shower, do homework, feed children. Just those little things help.
Just doing little things really helps you. But I know what makes it worse. Laying in bed all day and doing nothing. That for me made it worse because it made me feel worse that I did nothing all day and it made me feel guilty and worse. So the first step is just making a conscious effort to not let fear and depression rule your life. You have to make a conscious effort to do it. It is possible. Just take baby steps everyday. If you don't then you'll be stuck where you are everyday!

Just remember you aren't in this alone, if you feel you are, message me anytime. I am here for you, you are never alone, and remember turn it toward the Lord. He is the one who will help you the most. You have a friend, and you have the Lord. Never forget that! Seriously shoot me a message day or night! I'll be here!

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