Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A very difficult day

So, I made this post on social media which sparked an out pouring of love, and support from friends and family even though they had no idea what was going on in our lives.

So I thought I'd give everyone an update of what's going on since there are so many people checking up on us.

First, Last Thursday, Zack lost his job. He was doing really well and was just exceeding... until there was a change in supervisors about 6 months ago. To say Zack and this particular person didn't get along would be... putting it nicely. Since it was Zack's supervisor Zack put up with it, but this guy was out to get Zack. Every little thing Zack did or didn't do would be a notch on the wrong side. Zack was at a loss to what to do. He was extremely stressed, would go to work really early or stay late trying to please this person and it STILL wasn't good enough. He'd even go in on his day off, and nope. 

They put him on a final, and moved Zack to the sucky shift. But he didn't even work the sucky shift because he returned to work after PTO, after this person set up his PTO for him, and told him since he was on vacation and not doing his job it was grounds for termination. or something like that. There were things Zack couldn't do, because he was on vacation, and this person set it up to get him fired, he was looking for a way to fire Zack and he did it. 

So, Zack called me and told me he lost his job, and I had no idea what to do. Things were going so well for us, I just was in disbelief that this happened. 

Zack that night applied for 6 jobs, and then on Friday did another 7. We took the weekend to celebrate Madeline's birthday, and just tried to enjoy it as much as we could... we couldn't do everything we wanted to because we needed to conserve money. 

Yesterday, when we didn't get any phone calls I was just completely torn up, and then we started to get phone calls, He got offered 2 jobs now, and has an interview set up tomorrow, and then one on Monday, and we're hopeful we'll hear back from another one tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

So this wasn't in our plan. Seriously, who plans to lose all their income and have nothing? To lose insurance, and everything. 

But we have gotten so much love and support I can't even tell you all how much it means to us. all the phone calls, and text messages, people just sending us places they heard were hiring, just messages of support. We are just in completely awe of how great everyone has been. 

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you thinking of us, and our family, for the prayers, and just reaching out. We love each and every one of you. Again thank you!!

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