Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Going to School with Children

It's not easy going to school with kids, in fact its really hard. I went to school as a student living at home who worked part time at the movie theater. I worked the weekends and went to school during the week.

I went to school as a married student who worked full time and went to night classes and went to school on the weekends as well. I worked on homework before I left for work.

Then I got pregnant and stopped going to school and then decided to go back last year so then I was a full time student and mom going to school.

And now I'm a mom to two little girls, in the Bachelor program trying hard to finish school. This is what it looks like:

I watched my own mother balance working full time, having 4 children, and going to school full time. It wasn't easy, but watching her determination to finish and watching her dreams come true, I know that I can finish as well. So while you think it may be impossible to go back, its not. If you work hard, and find the discipline you can do it.

I've got 2 little girls that are watching me, just like I used to watch my mom, and I want to show them just how important it is to get an education. That just because I am a mother, that I still can reach for my goals.

Life isn't going to be easy, but I know that this will be worth it in the long run!

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