Friday, November 4, 2016


I've got a lot of blog posts to catch up on, but since it's 11, and I just finished a huge part of my research project I just don't have the energy. And I still have another part to do for another class :( But anyways on to Hailey!!

Our little miss is 6 months old! I am in disbelief that she is actually 6 months old. Time is FLYING!! I seriously love that girl! So some stats:

- Hailey loves real people food. Like seriously if you're eating and you don't offer her any she FREAKS. Even if you just pretend to give her a taste that's okay, she just wants to eat up at the table with the rest of the family.

- She is starting to eat baby food a bit better than she was, she used to just gag on it, but now she'll eat it without too much complaint.

- She just cut her first tooth FINALLY! Man I've been dying being up all night nursing her since her poor mouth hurts all the time. She still has one more coming through but I'll take it!

- She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, I suspect she'll be flow blown crawling by thanksgiving. She does this silly little army crawl type thing. She also like to do "baby yoga" where she does the downward facing dog. ha.

- She has recently gotten SUPER attached to me. Which is cute, if I wasn't going to school full time and have a toddler to run around after and trying to get ready for the day or clean the house. So... yay....

She is a pretty happy baby, she's gotten stranger anxiety lately but she's still a happy girl! We love her!

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