Monday, October 3, 2016

Hailey 5 Months old

Our miss Hailey Kay is 5 Months old!!! I seriously can't believe it. I wish she would just stay little forever and ever. But at the same time it's so fun to watch her grow and bloom.

This stage is my absolute favorite. They aren't quite yet mobile. But they are so happy and energetic. They respond to everything and take everything in. I just love it.

Currently Hailey is trying to eat the computer. I was trying to get homework done but it's impossible with her just staring at me and laughing hysterically at me. So I had to stop. Everything makes her laugh.

She wants to eat real food, she'll just stare at you or try to eat whatever you got.

She loves snuggles, playtime, Maddie, and things to chew on.

Hailey for the last 5 months!


One month

Two Months old

Three months old 

(I know they are wearing the same outfit in 2 months and 3 months. I was taking blessing pictures on both days. Ha.)

Four months old

Five Months old

I am in disbelief how big she has gotten. I miss being the hospital just me and her and doing skin to skin all night long. Man, I miss it... But now she is this happy energetic, talkative, adorable baby that we are so grateful for. She brings a sweet spirit into our home and we love it. We can't imagine life without her. It's like she's been here the whole time. 

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