Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The end of summer

Hi guys! It's been awhile. We tried to jam pack everything into the last few weeks of summer since school started this week.

We went swimming, we went to lagoon, we had a wedding, we spent a lot of time with family. Hailey thought that she needed to become a big girl and wants to sit up all the time and refuses to lay down. She is so close to rolling over completely. She can hold her head up soo good especially on her tummy.

This is how she spent most of her time watching the olympics. Yup. 

Shopping trips trying to find winter clothing for these two. Madeline insists that Hailey has to sit with her now. 

Madeline was a flower girl in my cousins wedding. She was adorable.

Madeline had a blast at lagoon! So fun!

By the way they really need to get some place where mothers can breastfeed babies at amusement parks. You see how red and sweaty I am? Its because Hailey refuses to nurse while covered so I had to go to the bathroom with no windows or air, and sit on a toilet in a stall that was way hotter than it was outside to feed her. Disgusting. 

Oh and I got my diploma. What?! I'm a college grad?! Gah! It's so crazy to think about. I just started the new school year and will continue until I have my bachelors. I love SNHU because they're semesters are only 8 weeks long, and part time is 1 class, and 2 classes is full time. And they have like 6 semesters in a year. So I'll be done a lot faster. 

It's been such a great summer off. To actually feel like a stay at home mom. But I'm so excited to get to do something that doesn't involve little einsteins, or kate and mim mim or bottles, or baby spit up, or anything of the sort. ;)

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