Friday, July 29, 2016

Madisms 2.5

Madeline is 2 and half and she is just so fun! So I thought I would do a post all about Madeline!

This girl is so funny. She says the funniest things ever and she's getting a lot easier to understand.

Madeline recognizes numbers now all the way up to 10. What the?! Right! She's way too smart. She likes to sing her ABC's but she can't figure out the beginning so it usually goes like this "abc... aj... aj.... lmnop qrswxz.

She loves the following songs: Mean, Taylor Swift, Shake it off, I don't dance, one call away, See you again.

She loves to dance, and sing, and play. Her favorite things to do are slides, water, and water slides.

She loves to take pictures and be in any and all picture. You tell her to smile and she has the funniest face.

She loves being a big sister. She is always worried about Hailey and if she is crying always asks if she is okay. She is so sweet to her little sister. However, she doesn't like to share her toys, so I can already see an ongoing problem. But she'll clap and sing to her sister. It's so cute.

We love our silly Madeline!

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