Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July Weekend

We jammed packed everything we could into this weekend. No wonder when the fourth was finally here we were all exhausted. Ha.

On Saturday we spent the day in Salt Lake Madeline was a monster the entire time.... But at least I got a few good pictures! 

 On Sunday we went to Silver Lake, we usually ride fourwheelers from tibble fork up to silver lake, but this year we did it in our vehicles. Which was really bumpy. But I seriously love going up the canyon. 

Sunday was also my dad's birthday and he always lets the grandkids pick out his cake, and this year they choose bobot, that's what Madeline calls the little robot. We also do homemade ice cream and this year I got to make my own! I was so excited. And after that we did fireworks, and Madeline ended up hating them this year... :(

On the fourth it was pretty low key, since we live just down the street from where the parade was happening, my parents parked at our apartment and we walked down to the parade route, and then we did lunch and had a huge nap, and then went over to my uncles to eat dinner and play badmitton, 

It was a pretty low key fourth, but it was a great weekend none the less! 

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