Monday, June 13, 2016

Orem Summer Fest + the weekend

We had a blast this weekend at the Orem Summer fest! Its been something my family has done since I was a kid. My grandpa lived down the street where the parade and carnival was. So its so fun that I get to do this tradition with my kids! We didn't get to go last year because my parents were out of town, and Zack worked, and how fun is it when there is no one to go with?!

Anyways here are some pics!

My dad used to work on these! How awesome is that!

Madeline got some spray hair paint thing at the carnival, she looked like a mermaid, I loved it, however, since we went to the fireworks that night she wasn't able to take a bath, and we have 9 o'clock church.... So no bath for her, so she had pink hair for church! Ha, luckily it had faded. But still, And you can still see a tiny bit after some serious scrubbing!

Speaking of fireworks, the girls loved them! And they had some really freaking awesome sparkly ones. I loved it. They loved it, Hailey even watched them, and then promptly fell asleep! It was fun!

And this adorable girl turned 6 weeks old today! 

So Zack doesn't have weekends off, he only has Sunday and Monday, so our weekend gets to continue on to Mondays as well!! Today we ran some errands, and then had to get the AC fixed on our car which is right next door to the chocolate, so of course while we waited we went over there!

My aunt Kristy and Uncle Jeremy gave the girls these matching cute outfits! I am in love with them! So thanks guys! ;)

So turns out Hailey and I are doppelgangers. No seriously, we are almost identical. Once we can locate a good baby picture I'll show ya!

My favorite peeps. I'm sad that Zack goes back to work tomorrow. :( we had a great weekend. So cheers to the weekend!

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