Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hailey's Birth Story

This one is quite the doozy. I want to get it all down so I don't forget the details. It's quite the story so here we go.

On Sunday May 1rst we got a call that I was going to be induced at 7 the next morning. I tried with all my might to sleep, but I seriously could not. I wish I would've. I woke up at 445 and got all ready to go. We dropped Madeline off with my sister in law and then we got a call that our time got pushed back, and kept getting pushed back. I was frustrated beyond belief.

Finally at 9 we got a call that we could come in and get induced! Hallelujah! I was so excited that it was FINALLY TIME to get this baby out!

I was already having contractions when we got there, so it was nice. They checked me right off and I was at a 3 and 80% effaced.

At 11, they just finished placing the epidural and just started the pitocin. They checked me right before the pitocin and I was at a 4, so regardless of getting induced I would've been having that baby that day.

At 1 they upped the pitocin and the epidural started to wear off. And then the doctor came in and broke my water. As soon as they did all that my contractions basically tapered off.

It started to pick up again and we tried everything we could to get the epidural to start working. It slowly started to wear off, starting with my right side and just kept going. Nothing we did fixed it.

At 2 they checked my progress again and I was at a 5 and her head was really low. And then they checked me again at 3 and I was dilated all the way to an 8 in one hour! I started freaking out, because if I progressed that much in one hour I knew the baby was going to be there soon. And the epidural wasn't working. So they called the anesthesiologist to get him back in there to get the epidural to work again. Turns out it didn't.

They laid me on my side and I went from an 8 to a 10. and then it was time for baby to come out. And then here is where everything fell apart.

The doctor was on the other side of the hospital and I was feeling the need to push. Hailey wasn't getting enough oxygen and I have never felt so much pressure in my life. I was trying my hardest to hold it and not push and wait for the doctor but seriously I could not do it. I was shaking from the pain and the pressure and freaking out.

Finally FINALLY the doctor ran in and hurried and put his gown on and then they started to put my legs up and I just was in so much pain that I literally couldn't think. And then it was time to push! I kept pushing. It took about 20 minutes to push her out. But when she was finally coming out, I just couldn't handle it. I couldn't handle the oxygen on my face, I couldn't take the pain, or the pressure. And because of the lack of sleep I literally couldn't finish pushing her out.

Everyone around me kept saying, you can do it Courtney but I was crying and just couldn't do it. She would've been there with one more push, but it just wasn't happening so the doctor had to vacuum her out. Which at that point I didn't care I just wanted the pain to stop. So at 426 pm Hailey arrived!!

They put her on the scale and it was 7lbs 8 oz. Guys I flipped! I was like "seriously?!?" only 7 pounds. Madeline was 9 pounds and my goal was trying to have a small baby. And I did it! I was so proud of myself! Oh and she was 19.5 inches long! 

She was so alert and awake! I couldn't believe it. And then all the issues started. I tore only to a 2 this time. But I was hemorrhaging. They gave me some pills to try to clot off the bleeding, which one of the side effects is a fever and chills. Which I got and couldn't stop shaking. So I handed Hailey off to Zack while we worked on stopping the bleeding.

The pills didn't work, so they started me on a high dose of pitocin. And I had 0 pain medications. And then that didn't work so I got a shot right in my leg to try to clot it off. That didn't work either. I went through 3 bags of pitocin before things even started to slow down. To put that in perspective. I only went through maybe 2/3 of a bag from 11-4 while actually in labor. So in the 4 hours after labor I went through three bags.

Madeline and my dad showed up at the hospital and Madeline was terrified. Here was mom bleeding out on the table, and this new little baby. She didn't want to see us or be with us. So they stayed for a short visit and then left.

Then she got to have her bath in my room. With Madeline I didn't get that experience. So this time, I did.

My shaking finally subsided, so I got to do skin to skin again with my baby. At this point it was 8 o'clock and my bleeding finally had slowed down that I could move to the mother and baby unit and off the delivery unit. I was grateful. Because every 10 minutes they were pressing on my stomach to see how much blood would shoot out of me, and it WAS. PAINFUL. So moving rooms, I was ecstatic!

It was a very long night as well, with the nurse coming in every hour to check on my bleeding. I was not amused. I got like no sleep that night either.

But anyways. That's Hailey's birth story. My next post will be pictures from the hospital. Since this blog post is already bombarded with pictures. ;)

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  1. She is so alert in these pictures, it's beyond belief! I have some running commentary, that I swear she was probably thinking..but you'd have to hear it from my mouth, to match her pictures.

    Glad you're doing better.


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