Monday, April 11, 2016

What you really need in your hospital bag

So when I was pregnant with Madeline I had no idea what to expect when having a baby. I read a million things of what to pack in my hospital bag and way way over packed. I mean I didn't even use a third of what I brought.

So to help with the amount of baggage you'll bring to the hospital I decided this time around to help all you new mommies on what to bring to the hospital!

So lets start with what you should bring to the hospital for baby! 

So I'm going to go through each number that I put in the baby bag.

1. Boppy: this thing was my BEST FRIEND when I had Madeline. I used it to help hold her, to lay her in, to help other people hold her, do NOT forget this thing. It seriously will save your butt. Especially when learning how to breastfeed you'll need it.

2. Nursing cover: now I never got the hang of nursing, but some of you may be a freaking awesome person and can have no issues breast feeding so you might want a nursing cover just in case you have tons of visitors and need to nurse. But most of the time they ask visitors to leave when nursing because it is so hard, but it's one of those things you might want.

3. Blanket for baby: So depending on the time of year you have your baby it'll depend on the blanket. For the whole hospital stay we just used the hospital blankets so really all the three thousand blankets I brought last time were useless. So one blanket to bring home with baby, maybe if you want to change blankets for pictures. But usually you'll just use the ones the hospital provides.

4. Burp cloths: Now I bring my own, for visitors to use just in case the baby spits up a lot. It's just a nice thing to have in case accidents happen. :)

5. Binky: Now this is personal preference. The hospital will provide binky's but if you don't like those type of binky's you can bring your own because maybe you're baby prefers a different type of binky. So I always bring one that is different than the hospitals. 

6. Going home outfit: I brought like 3 outfits last time and only ended up using 1. and that was to bring her home in. The hospital does a lot of test on baby so it's really inconvenient to put them in these baby outfits when they are just going to take it off of them in like 5 minutes anyways. They give them a little onsie to cover there tops and a blanket but they need access to everything else. So I recommend just bringing one outfit, because most likely you won't use anything else.

 7. Head bands: So the hospital will stick these little bows in the little girls hair and I hated them, so I brought my own headbands because my little girl was basically bald. ;)

8. Nipple Shield: This one isn't a must either, the hospital actually gave me this one last time, but I'm not sure if the hospital I'm going to this time will provide them so I'm bringing this one. I struggled breastfeeding last time, so this thing really helped with it.

Don't worry about diapers or wipes, the hospital provides those and tell you take home all the extras!

So that's baby's bag! Now on to your bags!

1. Movies: I brought no movies or shows, and I about died, we were watching my 600 lb life while I was in labor, and I sat there going, "I wish I would've brought my own movies" so hence why I'm bringing my season 4 and 5 of the office dvd's.

2. Postpartum Belly holder: So I didn't have this last time, but I have seen women swear by this to help with recovery. It's suppose to help your uterus shrink faster and help your body get back to its original shape. So I'm going to try it out.

3. Slippers: Listen you'll have to get up and go to the bathroom and stuff, and you don't want to be walking on that nasty hospital floor in your bare feet get some slip on shoes, slippers or whatever when you need to get out of bed.

4. Nursing bra and pads: So you won't want an ordinary bra when you're first learning to nurse and you certainly don't want a flat out bra either, so I have a sleeping nursing bra, plus pads to help with leakage and nipple cream because breastfeeding can kill you when you're first starting.

5. Toiletries: So I brought my own stuff last time, we were rushing around like idiots trying to remember everything to bring, and Zack forgot his toothbrush last time! ha, so I went out and bought travel sized toiletries so we don't forget this time!

6. Socks!! I can't stress this enough, your feet are going to get cold! I wore my socks the entire time I was at the hospital. Even when I was in labor.

7. 1 outfit: I brought like 2 or 3 outfits thinking I wouldn't wear my hospital gown, I wore it the whole time! I had bad complications so I had to stay in that. So I'm only bringing one outfit to go home in.

things to pack last minute:
Camera and extra batteries! Chargers, phones, carseat, make up, and any other last minute things you need that you can't pack right at the moment!

That was a long post! But there you have it! What I packed in my hospital bag this time around! Let me know what you thought was a necessity and I'll add it to the list! Good luck mommies! 

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