Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Waiting on baby... again

With Madeline, EVERYONE thought I was going to go early. The doctors, the nurses, everyone told me, "hey you're progressing really fast! You'll go early" Ha. What a lie that was. And I remember every. Single. Day. How frustrated I was that I was STILL pregnant. And all the comments from everyone. After Madeline was here though it didn't really bother me. But here I am. Waiting on baby, and now the same comments are bothering me.

(false labor at 36 week with Madeline)

When they checked me at 36 weeks and I was at a 1 and 60% effaced, and then I hadn't progressed AT ALL at the 37 week appointment, and then having contractions and going to the hospital going "this could be it!" and then not making ANY progress at all during that whole time, man was I mad. So mad. Not at anyone in particular. Mad at my stupid body for not doing what it "was suppose to do"

(false labor at 37 weeks with Hailey)

Okay okay, actually I was rather relieved that she didn't come last Monday. I still had finals to turn in so I wasn't ready for her to be here yet. But I finished all my finals early on the chance that maybe my body "knew" what it was doing this time. Fat chance on that. Because she didn't.

I wanted her to come yesterday, my birthday, because I thought "how cool would that be, we'd have the same due date and be born on the same day!!" Well, yesterday came and went, and nope she still isn't here.

At least this time I have an end day in sight, because I know what day I'm being induced, so the count down is on!! But.... we're keeping it a secret this time. :)

I know, we're cruel for not sharing with anyone. Well actually, there is 3 people who know outside Zack and I because they are our babysitters for Madeline. So outside of them, no one else gets to know. Not that we are trying to be jerks, but because of things I learned the last time, I know I want that privacy without everyone calling, and showing up, and it wasn't really private.

 And we also have another little person to think about through all of this. Our little Madeline who is already having a difficult time adjusting. She knows something is coming and the last hospital run? Oh man, if she thinks we're leaving her, she is screaming her head off. So we'll have Madeline come to the hospital first before we announce to anyone about Hailey. And then we'll let everyone know. Family and friends. Not trying to keep anyone out, but we want time for our family, and we are trying to do what's best for me, and Madeline, and Hailey and Zack.

There was complications that we were not anticipating the last time. And I'm hoping things won't be so bad this time, but if they are, we are going to need space until things can get settled for me.

We are so excited for Hailey to be here, whether she decides to show up now (which would be so nice little girl!) because I've been having the usual signs and symptoms that labor should be starting and nothing. That crap is ALL A LIE! or if we wait until the induction date. And we're so excited for you all to meet her! So keep the prayers our way that we have a safe delivery for Hailey and me! That's all we need right now!

Oh man I cannot WAIT to snuggle Hailey and smell that newborn smell again! AH!!

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