Monday, April 18, 2016

Almost there!

Are you tired of my pregnancy posts yet? ;) haha. I certainly am! I just want this baby here dang it! But I do have a week left of classes, and there is nothing like a delivery that could happen any moment to kick your butt into gear when it comes to assignments. Everything is basically due this week. But guess what? I'm aaalllll done with my finals. Well except one, because he refuses to give it to us until Wednesday.

Everyone can jump up and down that this is the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL. I never thought that I would get here, seeing as I have been going for an entire year now of school, I am burned out and being 9 months pregnant I'm sooooo done.

I'm to the point now that I am annoyed by everything in sight. I want to punch everyone and everything. Which is really quite funny if it weren't so annoying.

Like when Zack complains about being in pain. Wanna talk about pain? Trying being 9 months pregnant and being in stop and go labor. Or a baby pushing on your body all hours of the day.

Or when you don't want anyone touching you when you're sleeping and your 2 year old wants to cuddle with you. All. Night. Long.

Or your two year old acting out and screaming in the middle of the store and not being able to bend over hardly ever or to even carry her. Annoying.

Or all the looks I get at school, being this huge. I swear everyone is staring at me, and I want to punch them. Yes, I'm 9 months pregnant and I'm going to school and freaking kicking butt. What's your excuse?

People asking me all the time "How are you feeling?" Hmm... I'm 9 months pregnant how do you think I'm doing? I'm miserable, can't you tell?

The comment "The baby isn't here yet?" hmm... Lets see, Nope. This huge stomach and cranky attitude should be a good indicator that nope. baby isn't here yet.

Also the comment "Do you need help?" Hmm... what could you help with? You going to convince this baby to come out at all? You going to do my finals for me? You going to stop my 2 year old from acting out? No you can't do any of that, unless you bring me a sandwich (which I am always craving!) Then no don't ask me that question.

Thankfully everyone is hands off and doesn't touch me, or else I would kill them.

As you can tell, I'm done. So... If I don't end up crying multiple times this week, it'll be a miracle!

On a brighter note, I have a pretty firm idea when they are going to induce me if she doesn't come on her own and guess what??? I'm keeping it a secret! ha!!!! I know, I'm evil. But Everyone is annoying me, so this is my revenge! haha! Just kidding!

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