Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One month One month!

Hello all you lovelies!

We have less than a month until my induction should be happening! If this little miss doesn't decide to come early. I have a doctors appointment a week from Friday where they will check my progress and see if there is any progress ;) ha. I'm praying she stays in until the week of my birthday! haha.

I just got to get through finals. I have been asking my professors for early due dates for the final just in case! I am getting all my final projects done now, even though they aren't due for weeks. Ha. You never know with babies. So I just am getting prepared!

A few weeks ago I decided to get everyone in the car and take pictures with my tripod just to document the last few weeks of being a family of 3! Madeline however was just not having it though. She was so mad the whole time, and even fell down and scraped her knees. Then we went to the temple and Madeline was so sad that it was closed because it was Sunday. Poor girl couldn't catch a break. Ha. But here they are!

So to catch up with everything. My previous doctors appointments they decided to change my diet to help keep the weight of the baby down, they will induce me a week ahead to also help keep the weight down and prevent any complications for delivery. My doctors feel confident that everything is going to go smoothly. I, however, am not as optimistic. I am prepared for any possibilities, even a c-section. I am prepared for whatever needs to happen to get Hailey here safely and me being safe as well.

But in happy news I went to my doctors appointment and gained 0 weight. Guys. 0!! Which I did a happy dance. 

Anyways, keep praying for us! We can do this! One month left. Hopefully we'll continue to get good news from now on!

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