Monday, February 22, 2016

Pregnancy update

Hi guys! Miss me? Seems I only blog about once a month now. Things are pretty crazy right now with it being the middle of the semester and me working my butt off to stay caught up, and get baby things ready, and still be a mom. So blogging has taken a back seat lately.

I try to update my instagram and facebook page more than the blog so you can check us out there if you want to stay caught up ;)

But I want to give you all a little update.

So I went to my 28 week doctors appointment about 2 weeks ago. Things... are not progressing as smoothly as I wish they were.

First we moved into the 3rd trimester! yay!!! So that was happy news, my only happy news at my doctors appointment. 

Then things started going downhill. I'm at risk for 2 things. Preeclampsia and Gestional diabetes. My weight, my blood pressure, and the size of the baby have me as a high risk pregnancy/ delivery. :( And of course me having a 9 pound baby previously puts me at risk this time as well. Dang Madeline. ;) So now I have to be induced about 2 weeks early because if I go to my due dates chances are extremely high it will end with an emergency c-section and put mine and the baby's life at risk. So... I have been put on restrictions.

I haven't been put on bed rest yet. But it is a very real possibility that it could happen at any moment. So we pulled out all the baby stuff this past week. I washed all the baby clothes and blankets, we got the crib set up. And turns out, our little Maddie, who hated her crib, who hated the bassinet, absolutely loves it now! She wants to sleep in it, play in it. She thinks she's a baby again! In fact I was watching Grey's Anatomy and a baby was crying so she faked cry and made me hold her. For 20 minutes people. And her little sister isn't even here yet!! So I can only imagine what it's going to be like when she does get here.

So, I know lots of people were asking me what was going on, and I didn't answer because you know, I'm me and always forgets to respond to texts, or facebook messages. I have another doctors appointment in 2 weeks, so we'll check how things are then. Hopefully things will improve but as of now, prayers definitely wouldn't hurt. :)

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