Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You do enough

There is a story we read in my Literature of the American Renaissance class about a woman who is a house wife, and a mom. The story was written in 1852. But when I was reading it, I saw my life in this woman's story. Literally. This story was written in 1852 and here I was living this story. And in class so many people were saying there was no relevance and this doesn't happen today. Which made my blood boil a little bit.

There was never enough time in the day to get everything done, no matter how hard she worked, the house never seemed to ever be clean enough, never having time for yourself, when finding time for yourself, but life interrupting every five minutes. And the new year comes and she realizes that she didn't get to accomplish everything she wanted to. But then she realizes the most important work she is doing, is teaching her children, growing her family, taking care of them. And THAT'S ENOUGH. You don't have to be wonder woman. What your doing is enough.

So as I sit in class and listen to everyone say the relevance of this story isn't important. It's too trivial. I am baffled. Clearly these are comments being made by single people, who don't understand the what it feels like that you never do enough, and that what you're doing everyday isn't important.

That teaching your children right and wrong. And being there to kiss the owies, and always there to give loves when they are sad, and feeding them, and watching them grow up, making sure they have food on their tables, and that they have clean clothes. Making sure they watch their favorite Minnie Mouse episodes over and over.

To my daughter what I do everyday is the most important thing I do. What I do everyday for my children is the most important work I will ever do in this life.

It is important, what you do everyday is important.

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