Sunday, January 24, 2016


Life brings unexpected twists and turns in life. We make plans, we are told no, we try again, we are told no, and then finally when we least expect it, when we feel as though that plan isn't right God gives us a yes.

I am in a literature by women class. And it's absolutely horrible. Yes horrible. For the first 2 weeks, that class had me feeling so hopeless and horrible about myself. I am pretty sure I am the only LDS person in that class. Sure, there are other people in that class that used to be LDS and have very bitter feelings towards the LDS church. These are feminists who spend the entire class period judging the LDS church and anybody who thinks differently than them.

I could not handle it, because some of the things these women were saying were absolutely true. But as I looked around at each of these women there wasn't this light in them. You know those types of people who just seem to glow from the inside out? They just have something about them that has everyone drawn to them?

It's the Savior. He's the light. Last week in Relief Society we talked about this a little bit. And in my class when I felt like my light was diminishing I was able to feel my light being restored at church. Because I know in my heart that where I am, and what I'm doing is right. That this light I'm feeling is a good thing.

When we constantly live in the dark, we go to very dark and scary places. Trust me. My depression has brought me to a dark place, but the one person and thing that has kept me going, is my Savior. He's given me purpose, He's given me light, and He's given me more than I could ever repay.

My purpose calls me mommy. My purpose and light asks for kisses and when I give her kisses she feels "all better!" My other purpose gives me kicks, and reminders that I have a purpose to bring this little person into this world.

So I don't care what those women say about what I do, or how I do things. I know that this is life I want to live. With these little babies calling me mommy.

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  1. Love this! I think being a mother is one of the greatest purposes we have as women, I'm excited for that opportunity when it comes for me! Thanks for your great example!


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