Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Magic of Moments

With Christmas a few days away I think of all the magical moments that have happened in my life. Which one of my favorite magical moments that always comes to mind is Christmas morning. My brothers and I would sleep in someone's room on Christmas eve. Usually mine, and then we would wake up super early and be super duper quiet to sneak out to look at all the presents.

It was my favorite part about Christmas. Everything was wrapped, all the lights were out, but the street light across the street would shine through and light the Christmas tree up so it sparkled, and when it snowed outside that sparkled. We would try to guess who's presents were who's. Even when I was 19 years old I was still waking up early to sneak out and take a peak.

The moments weren't documented and can't be reproduced. They weren't artificial and weren't a "show" with a script of what would happen. When my parents woke up they were there. They were with us in those moments. It was us as a family enjoying Christmas, and then after presents we would lay around in our jammies and eat the most delicious food ever.

I want my kids to have that. I want them to have those magical moments, and even if they aren't caught on camera or on video I want them to be able to have those moments.

So, I decided that this Christmas, as much as I love Madeline and want it documented. I want to be there really there in those moments. Not stuck behind a camera. I want to be there as a parent. I want to be in her memories.

My whole point of this blog post was to tell you to make memories, put your phone down, and the camera's down and be there and make those special memories with each other. Life moves too quickly and I want to take advantage of Madeline's last Christmas as an only child.

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe out there and make some memories!

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