Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pregnancy Updates Week 4-8

This week, still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that another little one is joining our family! We found out a week ago were expecting! Haven't been feeling any different. 

I decided to keep better track with this pregnancy than I did the last ;) Because I'm really wishing I did. So there is week four.

Week 5
Starting to feel queasy. I got a super smeller (psych anyone ;) Super tired. I start feeling the need for a nap about one. which happens to be when my british lit class. We all slept in til about 1030 the other day! That has never happened! I've had basically everyone in my family tell me they think I'm having twins! GAH! We'll see in two weeks...

6 Weeks:
Starting to feel sick at night and still super tired all the time. I have pain at night on my right side, I've been pretty terrified of an ectopic pregnancy so far we are doing okay!

Been feeling really really sick this week. I had an inkling that it was my depression medication so I went off of it and bam. All better.

We got to see our baby. I'm healthy and baby is doing well! Babies heart beat was 166-170 beats per minute. Still a little early but heart beat is pointing to another girl! ha! I was so relieved to see and hear our little babies heart beat! We are so blessed and so excited!

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