Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pregnancy update week 12

Thanks everyone for such positive feedback on my last post! It was so hard to write remembering all the emotions and the rollercoaster it was. But I'm so glad I wasn't alone! You all are beautiful people!

So, I'm slacking with pregnancy updates. School is just over taken my life and every spare minute I'm not doing school work, I'm being a mom. So, the updates are slacking.

Ha, Ugly bathroom pic. I haven't showered, or gotten out of my pj's yet! ha! True me right there ;)

We just hit week 12 last Friday. Friday is when the new pregnancy week comes! Yay! Just another reason to celebrate the weekend!

Well, here's some update now. Ha.

How am I feeling?: I'm feeling pretty great these days. I'm finally not so tired anymore! YAY!!! Goodness. I mean I got up at 830 today. The old normal time I used to get up. I've been getting up at like 10 or 11 the last few weeks, because I've been so darn tired. And Maddie is still sleeping so I am getting homework done too! ha.

Showing? Nope. But I do feel my tummy getting bigger. Ha. But I just look like I need to lose weight. Ha. I didn't start showing until 25 weeks with Madeline, so we'll see how this one goes.

Gender?: We don't know the gender yet. We'll be finding out in 4 weeks and counting! We're finding out at 16 weeks this time. Not 20. So only four more weeks. But I keep jumping back and forth between what I think it'll be. Today it's a girl. I'll start gathering guesses in about 2 weeks.

Movement? Sometimes I feel like I feel a little movement here and there, but I just DON'T KNOW! ha. I didn't know what it felt like with Madeline, I don't think I felt her move until 17 weeks. So... we'll see with this one!

Heartbeat? The heart beat was about 172 bpm I believe. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so I'll find out what it is.

Baby this week? Oh, sorry the baby this week is the size of a plum. And I can definitely feel where the baby is now. 

So far this pregnancy is going pretty well. I feel incredibly blessed. I do hate the fact I'll be pregnant this entire school year, and trying to hold this baby in to wait at least until after finals is going to be a real problem ;) But one that I'm excited about!

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