Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trusting Heavenly Father

We have had some major changes happen in our life recently. And they have been some really great ones! But it's been a whirlwind trying to adjust to this new way of life for us.

I've been a "stay at home mom" now for almost a month. (well that's crazy). And I know that this is exactly where I need to be. For months and months I did everything I could to make everything work the way it was suppose to. trying to make it "my way" And I would stress myself out and make myself sick worrying because my way wasn't working the way I wanted it to.

I came up with plan after plan, watching as each and every one of those plans fail. They fell through, things would go wrong and I would constantly ask why? Why does everything have to fail? why can't something just work out the way I want it to?

Eventually I felt like I would let things fall where they may. And things worked it self again and again. I was amazed when I just let Heavenly Father take control how things fell in to place.

I was so upset about how school was going to work. My education is so important to me, and I want to finish so bad, but I felt that it was never going to happen.

Eventually I thought everything worked itself out.

Well, I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of time at home with my baby and that was one of the hardest things for me. I was going to be working, going to school full time, and barely have enough time in the day to see my little girl. But I put my trust in Heavenly Father.

Well Zack got a promotion, and made enough money that I could quit my job and be a full time student. And now that I am sitting here at school, it just wouldn't have worked out with working, and school. I barely have enough time in the day since my homework load is sooo much.

But the thing is, Heavenly Father had a plan for me this whole time. He knew I was going to be able to quit. He knew that my work load was going to be heavy this semester.

He knew that I needed a relief somewhere. And all I had to do was trust his plan.

There is so much to this story I feel like I need to tell, but the timing isn't right yet. But the whole point is, trust Heavenly Father. Stop trying to make your life perfect and make the timing perfect for yourself. Let Heavenly Father do that.

You'll be amazed at what He can do for you, when you just let go and let him show you what he can do.

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