Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A mix up and an update

I apologize, I read the dates wrong. All my days are getting all mixed up and crazy over here. So the big announcement is happening NEXT Wednesday.

But I'll update y'all on our lives.


School is going pretty good. So far I'm passing. :) Happy day. Working on applying for the english education program in the spring. Running around after Madeline and seeming to never be able to get myself out of bed. I'm just wearing myself thin.


Poor Zack. He works 40 hour weeks and works his butt off and never gets a break because when he's not at work he's taking care of Madeline because I have school, homework, and everything else. But our life is good:)


Holy Hannah does that girl have energy. She just never stops. She is learning so many words. Her favorite word is "cookie" and "Go" and "no" She loves to play on my phone since I have this kids mode on my phone. Best app ever. She likes to record herself singing let it go. hahaha. It's adorable. she hates her diaper and is constantly ripping it off. Heaven help me. She steals our hearts and we love her!

Anyways, sorry for the mix up. We'll be back NEXT Wednesday!

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