Monday, August 10, 2015

Madeline 19 Months

Madeline is growing so so so much! It's so crazy how much she is learning and growing!

So here are some of the amazing things that she is doing lately!

- She loves to dance, and to sing
-She loves to copy what I do. Whether it be laugh, or put on make up, or cook, or clean, or anything. She loves to do it.
-She loves to talk. Words she can currently say are:
mama, dada, papa, AJ, T, 1, 2, 3, ready set go, bye bye, baby, hi and many more!
-She can tell what a cow says.
-She loves loves loves animals, dirt, water, outside, and nursery
- She loves to color, especially on the walls
- Still doesn't sleep much in her bed. :(
- Loves to clap
- Gives hugs and kisses
- Loves to take pictures. She'll pose for them and then get up so she can see what they look like.

Favorite movies: Despicable me 1 and 2, Winnie the pooh, Mickey Mouse Club House, Tinkerbell, Frozen and Tangled.

Favorite Foods: Cheese, milk, noodles, pancakes and waffles, or anything that mom eats.

Favorite Activities: Kicking balls, reading, playing with babies or barbies, and her little people princesses and castle. Or playing outside in the dirt or water.

I'm trying to soak this time up, she is growing so much! It's so crazy. I can't believe she's like this beautiful little girl. So here are some pictures of her!

I love my little girl to pieces! I wish I could just freeze time! Ah! I can't wait to see how much she learns and grows over the years!

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