Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DIY Burlap Storage boxes

So this project was so fun to make! And it was so easy and it turned out AMAZING! So here is the tutorial for it!

Things needed:
However many boxes you want to make
white paper
glue gun

So I just started with just diaper boxes I had laying around. Like seen below. And I cut off the top of cardboards. I also noticed that when I tried to cover it with burlap the design shown through. So I had to put white paper to cover it up.

So next I started gluing the burlap to the box. Which was the longest part of it. I made sure I cut off enough to go around the entire box. 

After I glued all the burlap on to the box I glued this ribbon on to it. I loved this ribbon. It was very stretchy and lacy and just added everything I wanted it to look like!

I felt like it didn't give quite the feel I wanted so I added a bow. And then made one more! They turned out so cute and just gave the perfect touch to her room for her little stuffed animals!

The whole thing took about 1 hour to make both of them. So good luck! I hope that it turns out well for you guys!

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