Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What you don't see in our marriage

Zack and I were a very unique couple. Actually all couples are unique because ever individual is different so every relationship is different. But as I've talked to people and heard people saying "they just don't get it" It kind of makes me giggle to myself.

So I'm going to give you a peek inside our marriage!

Zack and I love to mess around. We play fight. We play "What if" games. Like "what if this situation happened, what would you do" It's fun to see what we would do in that situation. Because the situation will never happen but it's nice to know that if it ever did we know what to expect of each other.

We like to wrestle. Like seriously. I think that I can totally take Zack down. And to be honest I could ;) but I like to fight fair so he always wins. But know this I could win... if I really wanted to ;)

We like to eat bad things for ourselves. Like Zack was eating ice cream out of the carton while we were taking these pics. But I know that I always have someone to go on ice cream runs, or brownie runs with me.

We make each other laugh. I know a given right? But we know how to laugh. Like when Zack doesn't know how to do something. Or when something doesn't go right. Or if we get lost in EVERY. SINGLE. CITY. IN. UTAH. Literally. We have. We suck at directions.

We know how to talk to each other. I think that's key to a marriage. He knows how to get through to me. And I know how to get through to him. We understand each other. I know his weaknesses and he knows mine. We know how to build each other up. We've seen each other at our worst. And we've seen each other at our best.

Our marriage isn't the most conventional marriage ever. But Zack and I were best friends before we started dating, and then we were best friends when we were dating and continued to be each others closest and bestest friends when we got married. And I feel that if, heaven for bid, we fall out of love, we have our friendship we can lean back on. I can always count on him always. And he can always count on me. Our marriage is weird, crazy, funny, awesome, sometimes sad, growing and loving. 

Getting lost in Utah

Waking Zack up jumping on the bed, and smacking my head on the ceiling

Making forts

Marriage is amazing. And each marriage is unique and different in it's own way. You may not understand ours but it works for us. We love each other. And we have FUN. We know how to have fun. This is us. This is our life. And we love it. What you don't see in our marriage is how it works for us. Our marriage is truly amazing. It's been hard but amazing. Marriage is good!  

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