Friday, July 31, 2015

Remember who you are

I think we get so busy with trivial things that we forget where we are going or where we came from. We just get stuck doing the same things over and over again. and there isn't much change. I think it's important to remember who you are in every aspect of everyday.

I was just a girl who wanted to be the best I could be in this life. Who wanted to help people, to make people remember not to give up in this life. To love this life that I had no matter what I did. I had dreams for myself and I wouldn't stop until I got them.

I met a boy who changed my perspective on life. Who made me second guess what my dreams really were and made me think who I wanted to be and how I wanted to spend my life. He made me realize I wanted a relationship where I could laugh and be myself with him. That I didn't have to worry about letting my guard down because he accepted me completely.

I didn't lose myself in my relationship with Zack. He helped me find myself. and he helps me everyday. He reminds me why I need to get up everyday. And why I need to keep trying. Why I need to pursue my dreams, and where we are going.

I get so caught up in everyday things, like clean the house, cook dinner, do we have enough money, are the bills paid, school, our child, everything else. But I think I get so caught up having our life perfect that I forget why we are together in the first place.

Last night Zack and I were cuddling on our couch. Madeline was in our queen size bed and we were stuck on our teeny couch. It was funny. And we had a good laugh and neither one of us could shut up. we just laughed and laughed at some of the stupidest funniest things.

I woke up this morning to this text message:

No idea who it was. But I was completely disgusted. Some person honestly wanted me to text them back something sick and wrong! To a complete stranger and no idea who was on the other end of that! I immediately sent it to Zack and the both of us couldn't believe some sick perv would text that to me!

I realize that it's little things like this that this is why people cheat. If my marriage wasn't so strong, if it was down in the dumps. If I was unsure of myself, if I didn't have what I needed or wanted in my marriage, this right there could tempt me... maybe.

But that text message made me stop and think. It helped me realize who I was. And that I was not the type of person who cheated, the person to respond to such a disgusting nasty inappropriate text message. I loved my husband, I loved my daughter, and I love my family. Things like those text messages happen everyday. Something could start so innocent and turn into something terrible and horrible.

Never ever forget who you are. Because the moment you forget is the moment that Satan will take advantage of that, and turn you into someone you aren't.

Fight everyday for the life you want. Fight for who you are. Don't let Satan try to destroy you. And never ever, forget who you are.

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