Thursday, July 2, 2015

I see you.

This week I felt forgettable. We went swimming yesterday with my family and as I sat there I felt so alone. In an extremely over crowded pool, surrounded by little children playing I felt alone. 

We do everything we can in life to be noticed. We try to take the best pictures, have the best blog, have the most friends. Get the most likes. Have the best adventures. Get the best test scores. We want to celebrate with those around us. 

But what about those people who feel like I do? Who feels that no one notices them? Who feels lost, hopeless, forgettable? Who hates feeling so insecure, broken, and sad? Does anyone notice them?

I do.

I can see you sitting all alone in a corner at the pool staring at your child while your mind wanders else where. 

I can see you at the grocery store looking at the price of everything and double checking your budget. You have mouths to feed but a lot less money than you need.

I can see your happy smiling face. When you think no one is watching. I can see the happiness on your face.

I can also see the sadness on your face. Wondering if there is anyone out there who cares for you. 

I see your family who watches you, because they love you. And you mean so much to them. I see how much you mean to them, and how much they want you around even if you can't see that yourself.

I can see the beautiful and amazing person you truly are. Even if you can't see it yourself. I see you help people and lift their spirits or take an extra minute to help a short girl get something off the top shelf.

I see you playing with your kids and the bags under your eyes because of sleepless nights.

I see you studying for you tests working hard to do your best and be the best you can be. To become better than what you were yesterday.

I see your messy house. And the overwhelmed look in your eyes feeling as if you are unappreciated. Feeling that every time you start to feel ahead it slaps you in the face and you aren't. 

I see you cry at work because you feel like you'll never be good enough. 

I see you hold back tears as another person lets you down who promised you they never would.

You are noticed. and I can see you. Just because you can't see the other people who notice the things you do, and love you for you, doesn't mean they aren't out there. You are so loved in this world. I LOVE YOU! Even if we barely talk. Your an amazing person and you should never forget that. I see you for you. And I don't want that to ever change! Don't be like me sitting on the side of a pool feeling sad and lost and as if you could disappear. 

Be the amazing person you are! Show the world how amazing you are. Show yourself how amazing you are. Because we already know your amazing. You just need to see it. :) 

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