Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This is me

Recently my heart has been broken because I've let others get me down. I've let others judgement based on who they think I am, instead of who I really am make me feel worthless.

I could name off all the things that made me want to sit down in a corner and give up. To never ever try again. To make those opinions that made me feel worthless make me believe I am worthless.

But you know what?! I AM NOT WORTHLESS. I'm not the one who is worthless. So you know what, you can believe whatever you want about me. I know the real me.

This is me. The girl who has gone through trial after trial and can still smile. Things that would bring people down to their knees and give up made me rise to my feet and I refused to give up.

This is me. The girl who worries about everything. Who worries about giving up because of who she is disappointing. The girl who does everything she possibly can to help others feel good about themselves because I know exactly how it feels to be torn down by the very people who said they never would.

This is me. The girl who's heart shattered because of decisions someone else made that would RUIN people. But instead I picked up the pieces and became who I am today.

This is me. The girl who fought every single day for the life I have now. The girl who turned to Heavenly Father to save me. The girl who saw her world fall apart around her. The one who couldn't understand why bad things happen to good people. Who wants to make a difference in this world.

This is me. The girl who fell in love with a boy who promised her the world. Who never ever imagined falling in love. Who never imagined getting so lucky to be with someone who treats her right, that loves her more than anything. That gave her everything she ever wanted.

This is me. The mom to a beautiful little girl. Who fights every single day for that little girl. To give her daughter the entire world.

This is me. Refusing to give up. Refusing to walk away. Refusing to end it all. Fighting every. Single. Day. for my life. Fighting against everyone who tells me I'm worthless. Fighting against those who are trying to bring me down. Fighting against hateful words and hateful actions.

This is me. Not giving a dang about anything negative anyone has to say about me. This is me choosing happiness. This is me walking away from anyone who threatens my happy ever after. This is me choosing not to believe your bull crap and lies. This is me calling you out for exactly what you are. This is me being done with everyone who ever tried to hurt me. This is me stopping your negative and bad behavior towards me right now.

This is me. And you will never ever change that. You can't change that. I am happy who I am. I fought for this life and I'm going live this life I chose. I deserve it!

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