Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Utah State Prison Tour

Last year I got the opportunity to tour the Utah State Prison for the first time. 

Once a year they open it up to family members of correctional officers to take them on a tour to show them kind of what their loved one does all day. Since we can't exactly go and visit or do a "take your daughter to work day"

Last year was pretty low key. It was interesting and educational. This year we got to go on a different tour. Which was fun, exciting, creepy and a little scary. So... I'm going to describe exactly what it was like so you can kind of feel what it's like to walk into, literally, hell.


When you first pull up you have to have your car wait in a line while they check out your ID ask you what your doing there, that sort of thing. If your cleared they'll let you through. Or if you drive with your correctional officer they just swipe there ID and bam you get to go through. 

You see all the fences with barbed wire and towers. Old buildings and officers everywhere.

You can honestly feel the despair and sadness and the awful feeling there. That bad feeling sinking into your chest. Not a place where you want to be long term.

In order to get into prison you have enter quite a few check points. Through the gate, then through another area where you have to cram into a teeny tiny room and wait for that door to shut so you can enter through the other door.

Then you walk out and you see 3 different buildings. One to your right is where the death row inmates are, the one to your left is where inmates go when they first arrive and then straight in front which is basically general housing. 

If you looked over to the death row inmates they have tiny slats for windows and one of the inmates stood up and put his face in the window. And that's when I got more scared than I have ever been. It was like looking into the face of satan himself. His face was pale, eyes were sunken in. and it looked like something from your nightmare. I could tell that person was something truly evil.

Kind of like that.

So then we went left to the new inmates and the building only has bars on it. And it's this little hall way. And we walked down the hall way where the inmates could see and hear us. And they literally acted like monkeys on display at the zoo. Yelling, screeching, whistling, cat calling. I was embarrassed and wishing I hadn't wore the pants I did. Then we had to walk back down the same hallway since there was only one way out. And they started yelling "I'm innocent!" "I didn't do it!" and my favorite "Don't come to prison!" They probably should've taken their own advice....

Then we went to another building where more people are but are more secure and we couldn't hear them acting like idiots like the last ones. It was cool to see where my family had worked and associating places with the stories I've heard my whole life. 

That was basically the legist of what we did. And saw. It was cool, scary, funny, and so cool. I've always been so proud of where my dad worked because he's a hero in my eyes. 

You don't actually think about the danger they put themselves in every day, until you hear they are on lock down for someone stabbing someone, or something has gone missing in my dad's shop. It's been just apart of my life for so long I don't really dwell on the dangers anymore. But it's so cool to see where he works! 

Thanks dad for protecting us! You really are one of the strongest people I know! Love you to pieces! :)

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