Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Pronounced Mads-isms.

It's time to update you all on our little Madeline. it's been awhile since I did an actual update on what she's up to!

Madeline loves to play the piano. In fact, if I'm playing she has to sit right next to me and play with me. 

Madeline loves hugs and kisses. She loves her cousins and makes friends anywhere she goes. She thinks that every person out there (unless there is something wrong with you) is her friend. She loves everyone. 

Even when this silly girl isn't feeling well she is still is super funny! She laughs and giggles and is so mischievous. 

Some other funny things:

-she can count to 3. You say 1 and she'll say 2, 3! 
- She learned how to say bye bye. And loves to wave bye bye.
-Loves to give kisses and hugs.
-Loves babies, and barbies, and bubbles.
- Loves to dance. If a movie has any type of music in it she'll get down and start dancing.
-She loves to help clean up around the house. Especially sweeping!
-Loves Frozen, Tinkerbell, and Mickey Mouse.
-Loves to talk, and talk and talk.
-LOVES MAKEUP. Whenever I'm getting ready in the morning she has to have her own makeup to "put on" 
-Wants to do anything that your doing.

Madeline recently learned the word go. Like Ready Set Go! At church we were in the foyer during the sacrament since she was being naughty (not uncommon) and She wanted down so I set her down and all a sudden I hear her say "GO! GO! GO! GO!" As she is running down the hall all the while screaming "GO GO GO GO!!!!" Yeah.... That was a great moment ;) but that's what it's like with our Mads

Nick Names:
Mads, Maddie, Bugger bum, Goose, Chunk a lunk. 

Favorite Foods:
-Otter pops
-Cookie dough

She's still the happiest little girl! She's just getting really good at perfecting those temper tantrums...

Maddie and her babies! 

Anyways that's our silly little Maddie who is about to turn 17 months! Almost time for nursery! Where the heck did the time go!??!

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