Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mama got a new camera!

I got some new toys to play with! My amazing company came up with this cool incentive that if we reached a certain amount of revenue coming in each month we would get to go on a cruise. Well we encountered some issues with that and then we all got costco gift cards for the amount for the cruise. Since we were already saving up for a new laptop and me a new camera, we just used the money we got and bought us that. And boy is it worth it. This computer is ten times faster which means my pictures are going to look so better! Yay!! So here are some pictures I took today... I mean... I took 60!!!! Wow....

So let me explain a bit before my stuff showed up in the mail I was putting together Madeline's big girl room so we were playing a lot in there trying to get her to like it so hopefully she'll sleep in there tonight!

Stupid flash kept turning on!

 So I've been slowly getting all the decorating done in each room and lately it's been our horrid bathroom. I've been waiting until I got a better camera to get some of Madeline to put up. I always thought it was adorable when they put up pictures of kids playing in the bath tub of course not inappropriate ones!!

So prepare yourself for lots of lots of photos now! And tons more blog posts!

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