Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear Young Mom At Church,

I see you there, walking into to church with a diaper bag slung over one arm, and a bag full of toys and goodies and a toddler on the other. 

I see your hair pulled back in a messy bun, and bags under you eyes from waking up to your baby at night. I see your little one try to wiggle out of your arms as you try to find a place to sit down.

I see the look on your face that you pray and hope that your baby will stay silent this week at church and the hope that you might be able to get something from the speakers. 

I see you offer toy after toy to your little one in hopes that she will take to one of them instead of wanting to run around or say hi to everyone she sees.

I see you take her out during the sacrament since your little one can't stay quiet. I see you at the mothers lounge or out in the foyer trying in vain to put your little to sleep since it's their nap time.

I watch you look at your husband in desperation because you just want one week where your little one will behave and you don't have to constantly take her out.

I see you miss the sacrament constantly because you are in the mothers lounge or walking around trying anything to keep your little one quiet.

I see you pointing out the paintings of Jesus to your little one teaching her all the important things you learn at church. You see her eyes light up as she points to Jesus.

I see you show her how to fold her arms and be reverent during the prayer.

I see you as you work your hardest to bring your little one to church because you know it's where they need to be.

I know this because I am you. 

So we'll keep holding on because one day we won't be running the halls with our little ones.

One day they will be all grown up and making decisions that hopefully we taught them. 

We'll see them folding their arms during the prayer

We'll see them staying quiet and not running around.

One day they'll grow up and be mothers of their own.

And she'll come to you to complain on how her little one is never quiet during church and how she sometimes wants to pull her hair out. 

And you'll smile at her and pull her in a hug and tell her that she was just like that. And it was one of the best times of your life.


  1. This is beautiful. Hang in there, mom. :)

  2. love this post, very well written and so true!


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