Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines day (or weekend)

This Valentines day was THE BEST! No I'm not kidding. For the last 6 years something has gone wrong to make it one of the worst Valentines day ever. It went so wrong to the point where I was very anti-Valentines. Really. So this year I was determined to do something fun! 

So a week before Valentines day we decided to go out on a date with Madeline. We went to our new favorite restaurant, Pizza Factory and it was a DISASTER! Madeline was running around screaming. She was dumping drinks and throwing food and sitting on the table. So we made the decision that on Valentines day we were doing a date night at home.

So we bought (of course) pizza factory bread sticks. We had pasta, and I went to the dollar store and bought wine stem glasses. We had sparkling water, and brownies for dessert. I also bought these electronic candles so we could have a "candle light dinner". Well turns out those candles were for Emergencies and there were florescent lights! Not so romantic but hey, we were laughing. 

I made us dress in our best dress because I wanted it to be special. We tried in vain to get Madeline to go to sleep before dinner. But that was a no go so we put her in her high chair and pushed her a little ways from the table so we could still have a candle light dinner alone ish. Zack was a great date and we were laughing hysterically the whole time! Our house was a mess and there we were with floursent lights, weird piano music in the background, our daughter interuppting the date and the two of us in our best dress laughing at the circumstances. But you know what? It's one of the best dates I've been on! And it's definitely going to be a new tradition!

And now some pictures!

And of course a kissing picture!

Valentines day was kind of boring. But here's a little pic of us on Valentines day!

I hope your valentines day was as amazing as ours! 

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