Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I saw a post recently on He and I about doing a little project about serving others! And I had no idea what we should do to help serve those who need it most.

And then last night I read a post from Rylie who said that our sweet missionary Jace was struggling really bad right now. (Jace is Zack's brother) So I thought! Hey that's a perfect way to serve!

Our missionary Jace! 

So the idea came to me to BOMBARD Jace with letters from us to show him how much we love him! 

I didn't get tons of pictures because we were doing it late last night and it was right about bedtime so any cooperation from Madeline wasn't happening.

But we each wrote Jace a letter and Madeline drew a picture (with my help of course)

And then I sent another letter just from Madeline. We copied her hands to paper and cut that out and then measured her wing span and then tied paper to the hands we cut out and sent him a "hug" from Madeline! With a little picture and note from Madeline as well! 

And then when I got to work I stamped it and sent it over to the post office since were right next door to the post office! 

So now I'm passing it on to you! Do something to serve others. And if you feel so inclined please send Jace a little something to help brighten his day since he's struggling right now! 

Elder Jace Bleyle
Macon Georgia Mission
400 Northside Crossing
Macon, GA 31210


  1. This is a really sweet idea. I'm sure he will be so glad to get your letters. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Love this! My sister is out right now too and I know she gets so bummed when we miss an email day. They need the encouragement!

  3. I love this post. Thanks so much for participating in this little blog hop. I love your blog :)


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