Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pink Eye

Madeline got pink eye this past week. And it's been so sad....

So on Tuesday Madeline had a little cold, or at least was getting one. Her nose was a tad bit runny. I tried my best to keep her nose clean but apparently I didn't do a good enough job because she wiped her nose and then touched her eyes a lot. 

In the afternoon I started noticing that her eyes were super goopey. I just thought that she wiped her nose and then got it in her eyes. Because I had no idea what pink eye really was and how you got it.

So I got home and Zack took a look at her and said "It looks like she has pink eye" and I was like "you think? I don't think she's come in contact with anyone with pink eye..." So I called my dad and he told me to take her over to my mom who was working. 

My mom took a look at her and let me know it was pink eye.

So we headed over to the insta-care to get her taken care of. 

She was pretty miserable. We started her drops that night. And yesterday she woke up and her eye was still goopey. But it started getting tons better throughout the day. And then I noticed her other eye was getting bad. So we started the drops in her other eye as well. 

Last night she was just crying and crying and I felt so helpless. 

But she woke up this morning with no goop in her eyes!!! So I think were over the worst of it! She's super clingy still, but I think she'll be better either by tomorrow or the weekend! 

Thanks for all your well wishes and concern for Maddie! We really appreciate all your love! 

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