Monday, February 2, 2015

Our weekend!

We had a sorta awesome weekend! Well last weekend on Saturday I found out I had a kidney stone. So all week I've been trying to pass it. I thought I finally did and then on Friday I got some serious pain from it and found out I did not pass it. So that was fun.

On Saturday we had an awesome day. We went to this place called puppy barn in American Fork. They have these adorable puppies for sale and the place is free and you show up and get to hold the little puppies! You have to be a certain age to hold them but you can hold them and your kids can pet them! Maddie loved looking at them but didn't like the puppies licking her face. And the good news? Zack now wants a dog!!!!! YAY!! I've been trying from day one to get him to like dogs and we finally got him on board! 

Sunday was fun! I think Madeline looks so adorable in her little dresses. The challenge is trying to stop her from running away. and getting a good picture!

And of course when Madeline runs away I get a picture all by myself!

I got no pictures from the superbowl. But we had good food and good people we were surrounded by! oh and the patriots won! :D so that was exciting! Happy Monday y'all hope you all have an AMAZING week! 

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