Friday, February 13, 2015

Nights with the Bleyles

We just want to give you a sneak peak into what we weirdo's do at night.

"Zack here we all look cute and we're happy. Lets take a selfie!! Except you have to take it because you have longer arms!"

"Wait Madeline wasn't looking take another one! And your face was cut off!"

"okay redo! I look like a TRex with my hands doing something weird!"

"Court! Lets take a funny one!"

"Okay for reals this time! Lets take a funny one!"

"Wait Zack we have to retake it so we can get Madeline's bottle out of the picture!"

"That's a weird angle! Try doing it from above!"

"Oh I like that one Zack!"
"I don't! My nose looks HUGE!"
"OH! I can fix it! Look!"

"I hate that! It looks like I have no nose now! I look like Voldermort!" *ahem* He Who Must Not Be Named!
"Alright alright Zack we'll retake it!"

"My smile is just weird and I just plain look weird! That's it! I'm not smiling anymore!"
**Me laughing hysterically**

**Me still laughing hysterically!**

I love my adorable little family! 

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