Thursday, February 12, 2015


The other day our apartment was sorta a mess. So I spent the day cleaning it up. When Zack got home all he had to do was put his clothes away. So I sat on the couch watching my new favorite tv show Beauty and the Beast while Zack put his clothes away.

While watching my new show I heard the strangest sound coming from the other room. Giggles. Full on belly laughing giggles. So I walked around the corner and Madeline was helping Zack with his laundry and giggling because the two of them were having so much. So I grabbed my camera and tried to be as sneaky as I could to grab a few shots.

And then of course I got discovered and its a universal truth that as soon as you pull your camera out your child stops doing anything cute. 

But there was nothing more heart melting than a man doing laundry and a daddy making his little girl laugh. 

So glad these two are mine for eternity! 

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