Friday, February 27, 2015

DIY ABC book!

So I really wanted to make Madeline her very own ABC book since she loves looking at pictures of herself. I thought that it was the perfect way to have her read and look at pictures!

So I went to DI and found an ABC book so I knew that it had enough pages for what I wanted! 

I cut out paper to match the size and did some fun colors to do!

Then I went and found some self seal laminating sheets to make sure the pages didn't get ruined! 

The next part of the project was picking out what pictures went for which letters, and what words I wanted with those letters. And once I picked that out I got to work!

I just kept going! And here is the finished project!

And she loves it!! :)

Things you will need to make your own:
1 book 
26ish pages for every page or however many pages you want 
tape or glue to hold the pages on
Laminating pages
lots and lots of patience! 

Good luck!! 

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