Wednesday, January 7, 2015


As I woke up this morning I was reflecting back on my life 1 year ago today. 

I was so exhausted and sooo done being pregnant. It was Madeline's due date and the next day I had a doctors appointment to talk about being induced which obviously we didn't need because my water broke on this day at 10 o'clock at night. 

I was so happy to be a mom. So thrilled I would be meeting my little girl very very soon! And I wouldn't be a giant pregnant girl caring around a 9 pound baby anymore! But I was also cranky because I so did not want to make it to my due date. And I was huge and uncomfortable.

Well that was 1 year ago. Guess who woke up cranky this morning? Not me. Madeline did.

Madeline got super mad this morning when it was time to change her diaper. 

Then she got mad and started screaming because she had to get dressed.

Then she got mad because her food was taking too long to cook.

Then she got mad because she ate all her food and I pulled her out of the high chair before she wanted out.

Then she was mad because we had to put her socks and shoes on.

Then she was mad because I took her toothbrush away because we were done brushing our teeth.

Then she was mad because I had to put her down to pack her diaper bag.

Then she was mad because it was time to put coats on. 

Then she was mad because I had to find my keys.

Then she was mad because she had to be in the car seat.

So as I reflect back to a year ago completely eager and excited and wanting to meet my little girl I sit here and think. Can't I just rewind time? Cranky baby for being pregnant again? ;)

She better wake up happy tomorrow. But I guess it's her birthday she can cry if she wants to ;)

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