Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bahamas Trip 2013

While I still haven't found my blasted camera from our cruise almost a year and half ago. I do have some pics from our cruise I wanted to share with you. It might not be my most favorite vacation but now that the bad parts are thoroughly pushed away far from my mind. I now can share the GOOD parts! 

So here we go!

We woke up at about 3 in the morning because our flight left at about 5 in the morning. So we were bright eyed and tired. Our cruise didn't leave until the next day so we stayed in a hotel that night and rented a car (which was a HUGE mistake but I'm not talking about that)

The next morning was our cruise so we woke up and were so anxious to go! We had to wait in a huge line for our number to be called so we could get on our cruise. It wasn't set to leave until 4:00 in the afternoon so we roamed the ship until then.

We just hung out did the safety test and sat by a really weird guy who was complaining that he just barely got on the ship and now he has to go to a safety seminar and kept complaining and making sarcastic remarks to the safety person. Zack and I got a good laugh about it. I also wanted to go swimming really bad but our bags hadn't been put in our room yet. 

And then... that's when the issues started. One I started to get sunburned so that's why I'm the shade. But as soon as the boat started to move I started getting super sick. Like really sick. So we sat there for awhile. And we got to see dolphins and turtles. It was cool while it lasted!

This was the last picture we got before we headed back to our room and I started puking my guts out. Sea sickness + being pregnant = not a good combination. I slept on the nasty bathroom floor that's how much I was puking.

The next morning we finally docked and I started to feel instantly better. Usually people gain weight on a cruise. I lost weight.

Anyways. Our first stop was Freeport which was pretty fun except we could only walk around for 30 minutes because I still wasn't feeling good. But that's okay.

And then that night 

Tropical storm. I got lots of cool pictures of it. But... again those are on my OTHER camera which I have lost. 

I started to feel better because I took some weird word thing. But we went to Nassau and got to go to Atlantis. But again those pictures are on my other camera but Zack did get to take some on his phone.

I was craving ice cream and we finally found some in Nassau $20 bucks for those tiny things! Seriously....

The next day we were at sea all day and it was raining most of the day. If you are wondering why I'm wearing the same shirt in most of these pics its because I was planning on wearing my swimsuit the majority of the time and that didn't happen and I only had 1 real shirt. So that's why I'm wearing it. :)

I really wish I would've found my camera so I could show you all the cool things we saw but I can't find it. So if I ever find it I'll show you but for now! Here you go! Our Bahamas trip 2013 while we were pregnant with our little Madeline. And were about to go on another cruise and this time we know what to look out for! 

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